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Mandi's Favorites:Toddler Books

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So today I'm débuting the new look on the blog! Thoughts? I really love it. It's very simple and pretty! Big thanks to Éclair Designs for the speedy work and help! I originally had it in my head that I was going to do everything myself. (something I'm trying to work on, actually. As in letting people help me so I'm not so super overwhelmed) Once I started playing around and then looking for someone else to create a custom design I was just in blog overload and decided to just do a pre-made design and leave the install to someone else! SO GLAD I did! I don't really have much free time to do something like that right now with an almost 2 year old and a very busy, social nine year-old daughter. Not gonna happen. It was done in a few hours and leaves me more time to concentrate on the actual blogging part of things.

Okay, so let's get to it. This morning while I was having my usual routine with my son, Hudson...I noticed that we seriously have TONS of books! Reading is something Travis and I love to do with our kids and make it a big priority. Harlie always loved books, but with Hud it's on a whole new level. I bet I read 20 books a day, if not more! We have a small children's library going on upstairs in the play room and then downstairs in the living room are even more of his types of books that he can turn the pages without ripping them to shreds.

I know I personally have gone to many birthday parties and baby showers where bringing books instead of cards or bringing a book to match the theme of the party is really popular right now. I love it! For Hudson's 1st birthday party it was all in airplanes (his nursery is too) So I bought tons of books on planes...both toddler and big boy books and used them as décor for the party and put a little note in each book for him. It's really a great way to start building their own little library of books! Since Harlie was our only child for 8 years we had PLENTY of girly books, but not so much boy stuff, so I really needed to stock up!

I quickly grabbed some of my personal favorites today that mean a lot to me to share with you all. Maybe in a few weeks I'll have Harlie join me and we can blog about some of her favorite children's books and what she's into now.

(I will link all these books at the bottom of this post)

First up are some books on a more spiritual side of things.... The two books on the bottom are by Roma Downey (she was in that show Touched by an Angel) I am not sure if it's her publishing company or what, but each book has different authors. Anyway, my Mom saw her on a talk show and loved the message and ordered them for Harlie a few years ago. They are really precious and talk about being thankful and how God and his Angels are always watching us. A really simple read with a big message for kids of all ages.
The top two are definitely one of my favorites because my pregnancy with Hudson was a HUGE deal. I had a 12 week miscarriage before Hudson and got pregnant with him very quickly afterwards. We had many ups and downs and health issues during the pregnancy. (That's a whole other blog!) But it is truly a miracle that we both survived the whole ordeal...and I make sure to tell my children everyday what miracles they truly are. "God Gave Us You" is about a Momma Bear and her cub talking about how she was so excited to meet her cub and how the baby grew in her tummy and what a blessed miracle it was to be her Momma. (Yes, I tear up reading it EVERY time!) The other book is called, "On the Night You Were Born" this book is about how all of God's creatures and creations rejoiced on the night this beautiful baby came in the world. Again, it's precious and so on point!
"Where's Spot" by Eric Hill is a great interaction book for toddlers. My mother-in-law gave this book to Hud for Christmas and he loves it! Every page you have to open a little flap to see if you can find Spot! So cute watching him do it all himself! My best friend's little girl loves this book too! She just posted a video of her basically "reading" it by herself!
"The Giving Tree" is one of my all time favorite books, like EVER! If you haven't read it, then I wont spoil it-but go get it NOW. Makes a great gift too! My favorite line is, "And she loved a little boy very, very much...even more than she loved herself." It is right up there with "I'll Love You Forever". Which I didn't post on here, but we have 3 copies if that says anything! ; ) Another classic and a must!
The bottom two is a collection we have started, the author, Mercer Mayer is one of my favorites! Travis also has great memories of reading these when he was little. You just cannot go wrong with the "Little Critter" collections by Mercer Mayer. They are sweet and each book gives a great lesson!

Next up is a great one for the boy moms out there! Maybe it's just me, but it's hard to find boy books that are more than just cars, trucks and dirt! haha! But really, I am obsessed with this little cartoon boy on this collection! The first one is called, "I love You Through and Through" this one is great because it talks about our love for our babies, and also talks about their body parts...eyes, nose, hair, tummy..etc As we read the books Hud loves to point out to  me all the parts of his body that I love!
The second one is a fun little book about "Potty Time" it has a fun little button that every time you push it, it makes a flushing sound. Great book for beginner potty training! As of now we are not even close to that! Learning the differences in girls and boys for sure! Harlie was potty trained by 18 months...Hud is not the least bit interested!

These last two books are pretty popular, but still wanted to include them! The "Pout-Pout Fish" is about a pouty little fish that discovers that it's simply not fun for anyone to be so pouty all the time! There are actually many of these books, and I'm thinking of getting the whole collection!
"Goodnight Moon" is just a classic that everyone should have. It's a great bed time book and I love all the little simple details that the kids pick up on. This is one of Harlie and Hudson's favorites for sure! Hud likes to turn the pages and say goodnight to the red balloon about a million times!

I hope these give you some good ideas for books for a gift or for your own children! There are so many we read on a daily basis, but these are special to me! I will link all the book titles and authors to Amazon! Just give them a click! Thanks for reading, friends! Have a blessed day!


Mandi Dawn

"God Gave Us You" -     "On the Night You Were Born"
"Thankful For God's Blessings"     "Angels Watching Over Us"
"Where's Spot?'   "The Giving Tree"   "Just For You"   "Just Me and My Dad"
"I Love You Through and Through" "Potty Time"   "The Pout Pout Fish"
"Goodnight Moon"

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