Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Clean it Up! (Medicine cabinet edition)

Hey ya'll! Happy Tuesday! 

Anyone in the mood for some early spring cleaning adventures?

This morning I woke up and took my morning heart & thyroid meds per the usual, but after the millionth time of reaching for it and then bottles getting knocked over and old prescription bottles everywhere... I felt compelled to get it organized! 

I have had this mini project in my head for a while but wasn't sure how far I wanted to go with it. I was originally wanting turntables/lazy susans to place in the cabinets and have sort of a revolving medicine cabinet styling. Like this one here: (except it was only available online, of course!) 


Which I did like- and after looking for the size I needed for forever on the Internet- I just thought- are we really going to keep it neat? Aren't bottles still going to get knocked down and misplaced?! Then the bandages... Where will all those boxes go?! And then I laughed and thought this is totally a "Monica Gellar" moment! 
****I'm obsessed with the TV show "Friends" and I can honestly relate almost all my life situations to an episode. True story. And so here's my "Monica Moment" : 

I then thought of maybe doing the same thing we did for our spice rack- which is really cool- but ended up being a huge pain for Travis because he had to take the cabinet doors off, get different brackets to widen the space... Etc. And really this cabinet was just too small for it. Here is our pull-down spice rack: 

Then I thought of getting fancy baskets or cute tins and using chalkboard paint or labels to label it with...then after calculating all that- I quickly realized I just didn't want to spend THAT MUCH money & energy on a medicine cabinet! Seriously, I can go overboard sometimes! Shocker, right?! Haha! 

So, I decided to head to Walmart and see what kind of storage boxes that would fit and work for what I needed. I got these- (I think they were less than $1 in store) but they're the Sterilite brand 6qt clear storage box. 

perfect and so inexpensive! I thought, I would buy 6 and if it doesn't work out- I have more storage boxes... And that never a bad thing! 

Here is some before pics- I had already emptied the cabinets before I realized I needed a before pic! Here's all the mess! 

Got rid of all prescriptions and expired meds and then some! 

I just organized them on what worked for us- I looked a little on Pinterest for some inspiration on how to group them together. But truthfully, we are really never sick that often! I mostly suffer from headaches and migraines and Trav has issues with allergies but it honestly wasn't as much as I anticipated. 

Here's the finished project! All in all, it probably took me less than 20 minutes and I just printed some labels on the computer. Ta-da... No more mess! Also, it cost less than $7!!! SCORE!! (It would've been more like $5 but I bought 6 boxes and only used 4.)

Thanks for reading friends! Hope you get some organizational ideas for projects in your home! 

Mandi Dawn 

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