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Mandi's Favorites: My skincare VIP's

Hello Darlings!

I don't know about ya'll but I'm just now coming down from my sugar high from so much candy this week of Valentines! I'm not a huge sweets person (just pass me the queso, because I can eat my weight in chips and queso any day of the week!) But for some reason this week I might have been on a chocolate and caffeine binge! Also, I was suffering from some migraines, (but that is a whole other blog on why I try and stay away from chocolate and lots of MSG in foods). I DID LOSE 2 lbs though! Thanks to Weight Watchers! (again, that's another blog!)That being said, we have been so busy at home! With work, Valentines, my daughter's dance schedule and pretty much life in general has kept us all on our toes!

Today is a snow day for us in Okie-Land and I'm enjoying cuddles from my littles and reflecting on how uber exciting it was to learn that you have a snow day when you're a kid. I mean there anything better?! While it's nap time for them I thought I'd quickly let ya'll in on some of my very favorite and important skin care items that I use. Let me first give ya the lowdown on my skin. I was blessed with pretty great skin genes in my family, so I never really had issues with acne and huge pores...etc. However, pregnancy told me otherwise and when I was put on bed rest with my last one I decided to do some extensive research and blog reading on what works for others. My skin would be described as combo to dry. Meaning it can get a little shiny or oily in the t-zone, but mostly dry. ESPECIALLY in these winter months...holy moly...I could literally scratch my skin off with razor blades sometimes! It can also be really sensitive. I don't like using harsh chemicals or astringents and toners because my skin just gets way too dry and red. I also really try to stay away from things that have parabens and un-natural products in it... that's just my little hippy side in me. I'm not fully convinced these things are evil, but I do know products with that in it seem to irritate my skin more.
Okay, let's get to it shall we?! (all products are linked) I buy my Skin Medica and my foundation at Mariposa MedSpa in Oklahoma City.

1. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: I first heard about this through other blogs/youtube stuff I read. Main Reason: Jaclyn Hill and her Sister, Rachel. Jaclyn is a youtube star and amazing make-up artist and her sister has a blog I read called,  "Life's Candy Jar" You guys....these two ladies are amazing! I will link all their info at the bottom of this blog. I adore this cleanser because it is so gentle and leaves my face smooth and clean! It gets rid of dirt and make-up and smells great too! *I do like to use the Neutrogena make-up remover wipes too when I have been out and I'm wearing some serious eye make-up.
2. Skin Medica AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser: everyone needs to exfoliate- so don't kid yourself. Especially in these dry winter months! I got this cleanser form a friend who works at a medical spa and she recommended it to me. It' s a great night time exfoliator and cleanser. I use it at night about 3 times a week, or every other day. It minimizes pores too- not a huge problem I have, but around my nose the pores can get icky and this does the trick!
3. Fresh SeaBerry Oil: I've been using this amazing product for a year now- Another Jaclyn Hill favorite too! ; ) You can wear this morning or night, but I wear it at night. Just slather my face in the awesomeness. It has so many great things for your skin- I could go on forever. I actually buy the small one they have at Sephora and it lasts me a little over 3 months. This oil has lots of the omega's in it that the Josie Moran oil doesn't. I love it. I wake up with my face dewy and glowing and it's amazing! And yes, even my peeps with oily skin can use this! Don't be afraid of the word oil ya'll! If you're in your 30's....I highly suggest not sucking all that oil out of your face- it needs to be replenished and this is the stuff to do it!
4. Aveeno Positively Radiant: I kinda mix and match my daily moisturizers...I like to switch it up. But this one is always my go-to. It's not to heavy, but still hydrates and leaves my skin soft and I can wear make-up over it without it sliding right off. Best thing- you'll find it at your local drug store and it's not expensive. Once my girl Jennifer Aniston became their spokesperson I was like, "um yeah....I need to try that!" haha!

5. Becca highlighter/Color-Opal: this is...wait for it, another Jaclyn Hill find! I find that some highlighters out there are just straight up shiny and glitter. I HATE THAT. This is so pretty over blush, a little under the eye and around the cupid's bow around your lip for that extra pout. It is shimmery and makes the skin tone so pretty! There are many colors and I want to try them all!

6. Jane Iredale Foundation: I started this little gem last summer- again a recommendation from my friend who works at a skin medspa. I'm sorry, I just cannot use the Bare Minerals products anymore. I need more than just straight up powder on my face- especially when I'm dry! I think it works great on young skin and I know it's a favorite for many...but it started to irritate my face when I was pregnant 2 years ago and I've never looked back. I hate putting something on my face that doesn't benefit it or isn't anti=aging. I'm 31... I need to be proactive! This foundation is a liquid, which I was nervous about at first because I was afraid it would be really heavy. It isn't at all and has so many different age fighting ingredients that I love. It is more on the sheer side, so if you're looking for lots of coverage, this may not be the best for you. I find it hydrating and I like that it blends well and I can use it in the summer and winter months.
7. The Sigma f80 Flat Kabuki brush: Do I have to say it? Thanks again to Jaclyn Hill for these recommendations on the Sigma brushes! I think they are better priced than MAC and this brush does wonders when applying foundation. It's dense and blends perfectly!
8. Clarins Anti-Aging Trio Set: Okay, so I just bought this yesterday- I will give my full review in about a month or so. But I did some major research on skin serums and eye creams. I don't have deep wrinkles, but I have some fine lines starting to show up and a few spots from being out in the sun. I've got olive skin- but even with spf 50 I get a serious tan. And no, I'm proud to say I haven't been inside a tanning bed in over 5 years! When I was at Sephora I had actually planned on buying the Clarins serum by itself and then also purchasing the Fresh Black Tea eye cream. So, the eye cream was $85 and the Clarins Serum was $90. I decided to just get the trio because it was on sale for $87 (I think) for everything. So I decided to get the Clarins kit and caboodle and after just one day I am really loving how my skin is looking and feeling! I'll let ya'll in on the full review in a few weeks!
9. Tea Tree Oil- I first started using this last winter when my scalp was super crazy itchy! A dry scalp is so incredibly uncomfortable. Many of my hair dresser friends told me to rub some on my scalp. It worked! (just a little goes a long way, and it does make your hair look super greasy! great to do before bed on a day 3 hair day when your going to wash it the next day) Also, make sure you buy one that it is a glass bottle and is the pharmaceutical grade. I just picked mine up at Wal-Mart or at a health food store. Also did some research on this and it is awesome for pimples and cold sores! I don't know why...but it works! Just a dab will do ya!
10. Oil of Olay ProX spin brush: I know, all the rave is the Clarisonic or the Clarisonic Mia. I'm sure it works great! I don't know anyone that has bought one and doesn't love it! It's just that for me personally I didn't want to spend the money, and wanted to try my luck at this one first. I like it a lot and it seems to do the trick. I use it with my exfoliating cleanser a few times a week and leaves my skin squeaky clean and soft! Maybe one day I'll spend the extra dough and be a cool kid using Clarisonic, but this really is all I need right now and it was a great purchase! One of my favorite things about it is that it doesn't have a bulky charger. It just has batteries. I can leave it in my shower, or pack it on vacation and it doesn't take up space!
11. St. Ives Collagen & Elastin Skin Renewing body lotion: ladies, I never ever skip this step. winter or summer I will moisturize my skin at least twice a day. Morning and Night. Leaves my skin hydrated and not greasy. It has no scent and I like it that way. All natural and no parabens. I know many are still using the Bath & Body Works lotions, which is fine for my daughter who is 9...but I cannot use it. It dries my skin out something fierce and I have been extremely happy with this lotion for 4 years now and I haven't found anything else to compare it to! Also, another drug store find that I love!
That's all folks! I hope you all enjoyed reading! I'm not a skin care expert by any means...but I do happen to know some folks who are and take their advice! This all works great for my type of skin and hope that it helps with some of you! I would love to hear some of your favorites too!!
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